Our dedicated electronic manufacturing and assembly services are based on our comprehensive Quality Management System and ISO9001:2015 certification status. We are also ISO14001:2015 certified as part of our commitment to the environment.

Our experienced team are proficient in manufacturing products to the highest standards for demanding environments, longevity and reliability. Each process is tailored specifically to meet our customer requirements and compliments our electronic design services.

Whether it be prototyping, small specialist builds, or large production volumes, we can accommodate it all, with our flexible, customer-focused approach. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures ongoing process enhancements with the aim of delivering the best possible product to our customers over the entire lifecycle. Our UK based manufacturing and design facility are under one roof, resulting in the closest possible synergy for your products.

Our facilities include:

  • Purpose built manufacturing environment with full ESD control measures.
  • DECT Printer.
  • Panasonic Chip Mounters.
  • Heller 11 stage oven.
  • KIC thermal profiling.
  • PoP capability.
  • Full Automated Optical Inspection for all assemblies.
Hand Placement
  • Trained operatives to IPC-A-610, class III for soldering and rework.
  • Cables assembled in house to IPC-A-620.
  • Bespoke test software platforms.
  • Multiple test points, including final test before shipment.
  • Export management.
  • Worldwide shipping.

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All our modules are manufactured in the UK