Originating from a professional design service in the 1990s, the company’s activities have expanded to include all aspects of development, manufacture, supply and support, while still maintaining the engineering-centric approach.


Customer Requirements

  • Combined experience of over 50 years of electronics design allow us to review customer requirements and offer solutions.
  • Adaptable design philosophy to fit customer programme needs.
  • Vast experience in array of sectors allows us to input into the design in its earliest stages.
  • Requirements management and traceability.
  • Project management.

Product Design

  • Schematic design.
  • Multi-layered, high complexity, PCB development.
  • Embedded linux systems and tool chains.
  • VHDL design, synthesis and simulation.
  • EMC and environmental management.
  • MISRA compliant software development.
  • IEC61508 experience.
  • Rapid proto-typing.

Test Development

  • Bespoke test system design and development.
  • Environmental chamber.
  • Maximised test coverage.

Quality & Assurance

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • All products built and managed in-house.
  • Active component management.
  • IPC standard workmanship on soldering and cable assemblies.

Life Cycle Planning

  • Review and respond quickly to customer feedback.
  • Support hard to source components.
  • Design out obsolescence.
  • Long term product support.
  • Next product iteration.

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