Analogue & Micro provides a complete product
service to its clients worldwide.

Originating from a professional design service in the 1990s, the company’s activities have expanded to include all aspects of development, manufacture, supply and support, while still maintaining the engineering-centric approach.

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Precision is
in our DNA

With over 50 years of electronics design this allows us to review customers requirements and offer solutions based on specific needs.

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Get ahead with Industry 4.0 with our LS1028 platform, due Q1 2019

i.MXRT1050 arriving in Q1 2019


Changed ownership through partnership with Development Bank of Wales

This partnership has been crucial in allowing Analogue & Micro to remain a strong Welsh owned business through successful succession planning.

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New i.MX8M platform coming soon

Our new i.MX8M platform is coming soon, check back soon for more details.

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Current vacancies

We are always keen to meet talented professionals who would like to join our team, so please make sure you regularly check our site for updates.

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All our modules are manufactured in the UK